Blockchain beyond the hype: What is the strategic business value?

Companies can determine whether they should invest in blockchain by focusing on specific use cases and their market position.

Driving Blockchain Forward: Automotive Advances With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is being seen as one such technology, and it is unsurprising that the industry is immersing itself in this new space. Car manufacturers have (more)

IBM is offering a free blockchain course for students in India

IBM is offering a free certificate course on blockchain technology for students in India. The technology giant has partnered with Indian elearning (more)

Nasdaq Blockchain Trial Resolves Margin Calls ‘in Minutes’

A group of industry stakeholders has developed a blockchain platform to transfer collateral to central counterparties when trading securities.

The GPU Industry is Booming Thanks to Blockchain

Even so, the market is booming, and blockchain is largely to thank. Without GPUs, it would be significantly harder and take substantially longer to mine (more)

France Opens ‘First’ Blockchain Accelerator in Europe With 30 Participants

France became host to Europe’s first blockchain accelerator as Paris moves to become the “capital of ICOs,” Finance Magnates reports Monday, June (more)

Why blockchain won’t transform IoT security

While some in the industry have proposed using blockchain to enhance IoT security, a panel of experts at the LiveWorx 2018 conference disagreed (more)

5 Industries Likely to Be Disrupted by Blockchain

Blockchain, the technology underlying and enabling Bitcoin, has the unique ability to change the world. Blockchain is an open, distributed database of (more)

US Fourth Largest Mobile Provider Partners on Automotive Blockchain Platform

The U.S.’ fourth-largest mobile network operator Sprint has partnered with blockchain startup NXM Labs to launch a 5G connected car platform (more)

HIVE Blockchain: The Mining Company Providing The Backbone For Cryptocurrency

These transactions are verified by a network of nodes and recorded in a publicly distributed ledger, or Blockchain, that functions to authenticate (more)

National Chinese Science Academy Launches Blockchain Lab

China’s federal science institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is taking part in a new research effort around blockchain.