Week of June 18, 2018

Blockchain in Education can do Wonders, Here’s Why


I recently came across news which says the global market for blockchain was at $708 million in 2017 which is anticipated to reach $60.7 billion in …


Why 2018 May Be The Year Blockchain Goes Mainstream

Investor’s Business Daily

“People have been saying for the last couple of years it will be the year of production blockchain for enterprises, and I think this year we’re actually …


Should Your Business Invest in Blockchain Technology?


As cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies continue to disrupt the world of business finance, entrepreneurs must avoid the temptation of …


How San Francisco’s Fastest Growing Blockchain Marketing Firm Is Going Big On Sports


In San Francisco Bay area, anyone can be considered a unicorn. Just look at the Golden State Warriors’ past few seasons. It was not long ago a …


Five at Five: Walmart Has A New Blockchain Idea


Today, we have two stories about the latest developments involving blockchain, along with a report regarding the most recent fallout from the Wells …


Blockchain in Logistics



Intellectual Property Protection Strategies for Blockchain Technology Applications

TU Delft Repositories

Title. Intellectual Property Protection Strategies for Blockchain Technology Applications. Author. Burnaby Lautier, Reynier (TU Delft Technology, Policy …


IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Others Are Plunging Into ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service’


“We’re interested in blockchain because our customers are,” said Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft’s Azure cloud. “Many of them are looking at …


AdBlock Plus Jumps Aboard the Blockchain to Spot Fake News


The company hopes to evolve its system to integrate blockchain technology and user feedback. The plan is to keep a decentralized database in the …


Blockchain and Crypto Professionals Are In High Demand

Crypto Disrupt (press release) (blog)

The market for blockchain-based platforms is growing quickly, and that means that companies all over the planet are looking for numerous kinds of …


Jointer launches blockchain-powered platform that allows property owners to issue legal ICOs for …


We’ve seen many blockchain-powered real estate products emerge recently, covering everything from stablecoins to property exchanges. But most of …


Blockchain-based vehicle history databases


Firstly, given blockchain’s immutability, vehicle data is recorded doubtlessly, data consistency is ensured, and data manipulation prevented.


Economics of Blockchain



Bitcoin and Blockchain Myths, Debunked

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