How the Blockchain Can Help Inventors Get the Credit

How the Blockchain Can Help Inventors Get the Credit … held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center during the Official Las Vegas Blockchain Week. (read more)


Hyperledger and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Join Forces In Enterprise Blockchain Boost


Initial coin offering and cryptocurrency markets may be stuck in a doldrums, but the enterprise blockchain space continues to plow new ground with (read more)


Blockchain Could Help Africa’s Commodity Market, Claims Chinese Billionaire

Yahoo Finance

Chinese billionaire and co-CEO of technology company Ideanomics Bruno Wu believes the blockchain could be the solution that helps African (read more)


Fidelity Expressing Further Interest in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry


Fidelity Investments is a 72-year company with more than $7 trillion in investor’s funds under management, and despite their well-established position. (more)


American Telecommunication giant, AT&T enters blockchain industry; offers blockchain solutions


“Enterprise customers can use these solutions as they automate and digitalize their business processes using blockchain technologies. (more)


Opera Partners With Ledger Capital to Explore Blockchain Applications


Opera has partnered with blockchain advisory and financial services firm Ledger Capital to explore possible blockchain applications, according to a (read more)


The App That Lets You Buy Ferraris and Jaguars for $50 Just Raised $7 Million. And It’s Blockchain …


The idea behind Rally Rd. may also sound familiar to those in the blockchain space. Proponents of the technology, which is a decentralized ledger of (read more)


Explore the Future of Blockchain at #TFUS18


With its focus on trust and transparency, blockchain has quickly emerged as one of the hottest technologies out there. It’s been widely hyped as well as (read more)


New Must-Have for Blockchain Startups: Economics Nobel Winners


With cryptocurrency mania over for now, blockchain startups need to dig a little deeper to attract attention. Their latest secret weapon: Nobel laureates. (more)


Mastercard is Exploring Blockchain Technology to Improve Payments Service


Mastercard’s research and development wing is looking into the implications of blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to increase general (read more)


Major US Dairy Co-Op Pilots Blockchain Technology for Food Supply


Now, DFA is embracing blockchain technology in order to increase supply chain transparency. The pilot project is deploying a blockchain platform (read more)


Major Thai Bank to Test Visa Blockchain Solution for Cross-Border Payments


Thailand’s fourth largest bank, Kasikornbank, has recently joined the blockchain-based Visa B2B Connect program for cross-border payments, local (read more)


Walmart is going to use blockchain to stop the spread of E. coli and other diseases in lettuce


Suppliers of leafy greens like romaine lettuce have until September 30 to comply systems Walmart has been testing on an IBM blockchain platform for (read more)

Walmart Tells Produce Suppliers to Use Blockchain by Next September


Walmart plans to sell leafy greens that are tracked using blockchain technology within the next year. In a press release published Monday, the world’s (read more)