The 2 Pressing Problems Blockchain Technology Can Solve for The Social Media Platforms

Business 2 Community

It’s hardly an announcement, but it definitely appears to be a nod towards the potential benefits of using blockchain technologies in creating safer and (read more)


US Lawmakers Push for ‘Blockchain’ Definition in New Congress Bill


A bipartisan bill recently introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives proposes creating a “consensus-based definition of blockchain.” (more)


Bank of America: Blockchain Market Could Hit $7 Bln, Will Give Boost to Amazon, Microsoft


The Bank of America (BoA) has estimated that blockchain could be a $7 billion market and provide a major boost to corporate giants such as Microsoft (more)


Azure Blockchain Workbench Documentation

Microsoft Docs

Learn how to create blockchain applications. (more)


How One Blockchain Startup is Transforming Travel and Increasing Accessibility for the Disabled

Hacker Noon

We all also know that several different blockchain startups are trying to disrupt the current model of social networking and online content sharing. (more)


Blockchain Capital Expert: ‘Bitcoin Is Close to Bottoming’


Spencer Bogart, an expert from digital currency and blockchain venture firm Blockchain Capital has said that the Bitcoin (BTC) price has nearly found (read more)


Day 1 at The ONE National Conference: Blockchain, cannabis and change management are hot …

CPA Canada

Themed Sustainability Through Adaptability this year, the annual event brings CPAs together to recognize change and prepare for the future of the (read more)


Report: Blockchain in Manufacturing Market Will Be Worth $500 Million by 2025


A recent report by technology research company ReportLinker shows that blockchain technology in the U.S. manufacturing sector is expected to grow (read more)


Using blockchain technology to help people with no legal identity

Irish Times

The Aid:Tech platform allows for the creation of a secure identity for an aid or welfare recipient, which is stored on a blockchain ledger and can’t be (read more)


3 Ways Blockchain Can Revolutionize Education

Hacker Noon

It’s been 10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto published his/her/their paper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” where blockchain (read more)


Eximchain Mainnet goes live bringing the global supply chain industry on blockchain

American Journal of Transportation

Eximchain, a platform for empowering supply chains with blockchain technology, went live today with its Mainnet. (more)


Dapp Creates And Stores Art On The Ethereum Blockchain


Artists upload visual elements to the Cryptographics Dapp, where users can turn them into original works. Serbia-based decentralized technology (read more)


BlackBerry to Launch Blockchain for Medical Data Sharing


BlackBerry Limited has now come up with a blockchain solution for secure data sharing among healthcare providers in order to improve patient (read more)