A Blockchain Solution to the Opioid Crisis

Global Health NOW
Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger database that’s given rise to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, could provide an important solution to the opioid (more)

How Blockchain Could Close the Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay inequality is still a big issue in the workforce. Blockchain technology, with its increased transparency, has the potential to reduce the (more)

Beyond the Bitcoin Revolution: Blockchain Technology will Change the World

Hacker Noon
On the other hand, even many Bitcoin fans are not truly familiar with the blockchain, the transformative technology that makes the cryptocurrency (more)

Oxford Researcher Wants to Open World’s First Blockchain University in Malta

Researcher Joshua Broggi envisions a new university powered entirely by blockchain technology, and is seeking accreditation in Malta to establish (more)

California Legislature Passes Blockchain Working Group Bill

The California Legislature has passed Assembly Bill 2658, which provides a legal framework for the recognition of blockchain technology in the state’s …

First Instance of Blockchain Discovered in New York Times Circa 1995

Mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is also credited with creating the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain.

Blockchain: Transforming Seafood Supply Chain Traceability

WWF New Zealand
This report describes a WWF-led pilot to prove blockchain supply chain traceability for use in seafood traceability, specifically for tuna caught in a (more)
Yahoo News
Blockchain is one of the most promising ways to protect users’ identities.